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legal solutions

Accessing affordable, high-quality legal services has never been easier with LegalShield. This innovative service allows individuals and businesses to tap into top-notch law firms on a nationwide basis simply through an app. Whether you're facing a personal or business legal issue, LegalShield connects you with expert attorneys who can provide the necessary guidance. The convenience of paying a flat monthly fee instead of billing hourly also makes LegalShield an attractive option for those seeking cost-effective legal assistance. Don't let legal challenges hold you back—become a LegalShield member today and take the first step towards peace of mind.

Family on Digital Tablet

Have you ever had a 3rd party dispute (contractor, store or online purchase, neighbor, car/home warranty) and asked to speak with a manager or supervisor? Received a traffic ticket? An issue getting back a security deposit? Signed a contract/document you did not totally understand? These are examples of everyday life situations that are legal in nature. It is not about breaking the law; it is about not being taken advantage of because you do not understand your rights.

Welcome to LegalShield!

Small Business Owner

Whether you are a solopreneror a small business owner you make legal related decisions on a regular basis. If you are like most business owners you are probably Googling, asking a friend, stressing, guessing, and finger crossing whenever you are making those decisions. What if you could freely pick up the phone/tap an app and have that conversation, get a contract reviewed, have a debt letter written and NOT get a bill in the mail?

Welcome to LegalShield!

Online Shopping

Are you concerned about your information being stolen in a DataBreach? Are you aware of the various types of FRAUD and how thieves can disrupt your life? If you have a monitoring service, are they providing you FULL Restoration in case of fraud? How about your personal/business  and online reputation? It matters as it is the only one you have. What about cyberbullying you or your kids? As identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated, shouldn’t you have experts helping you?

Welcome to IDShield!

Giving a Presentation

Attracting and retaining good employees is challenging these days. Enhancing your benefit package is a great way to help and there is no direct cost to you! Offering the personal legal plan and identity theft plans is becoming more popular with companies. Employees are dealing with every-day life events so why not have resources that allow them to be more present on the job, reducing stress and absenteeism, and increasing productivity?

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